How Ergode is Shaping Up to be a Unicorn

It is the time for those who are direct in approach, smart in execution, and ready to pull up the sleeves and bend the rules. It is the time for the doers. Hence, it’s no wonder that we are seeing the rise of a series of gig assignments, new ventures, and the emergence of unicorns.
In the same breath, it’s no wonder that we find ourselves amidst the prime time to step up our game – get us on the path to being a unicorn.
We started as an Amazon seller 15 years ago. Today we not only offer online sales platforms to our 2,500 partners, but we are also acquiring and helping brands grow to their true potential. In turn, we see the prospect of joining the unicorn-club turning out to be a close reality.
Here’s a brief overview of what has gone into it.

Customer Focus

Customers have always been at the core of our business. Our processes, technology, and approach towards growth all start from the customers’ needs. We focus our energy on understanding them and then trace back to what we need to do. The reverse engineering strategy never fails to win; it always concludes with product development or a service design that customers value.

Technology Backbone

When we decided to scale up, we figured that the only way to do that is work with technology. Inducing technology into our processes was easy as we already had the smarts since the onset of our business. To follow-up, all we needed to do was, work out the business cases, define the priority, and build on that.
The exercise enabled us to develop machine-learning-driven tools that helped us gain enormous insights into the market data.
It became easy for us to answer questions on the optimum price points, inventory stocking trends, and what marketing strategies to deploy. Besides allowing us to modify our go-to-market strategies, the answers equipped us to offer the right solutions to our partners. They also helped us in understanding where their businesses needed support – resource, technology, or finance.

People Focus

There isn’t any debate on the contribution of the right people at the right time in the right environment. The confluence is a sure-shot winning formula.
Identification of the right people is another space where we played our cards right from the very beginning.
In this domain, our method has always been simple – hire leaders. Leaders have the perspective to structure a department, set a process, train future leaders, and move ahead to take up more critical responsibilities.
To get the wheel rolling from the go, we maintained a knowledge base of best practices that allowed for any new member to pick up the ball by investing less time in training.
In the process, our recruitment practice played a pivotal role. We use a “score card” system that allows for clearly defining the expectations from a designation. Eventually, this “score card” helps our recruitment team set the bearing right when a requisition opens.

Way Forward

We are on the path of development. More importantly, we are moving ahead at an envious speed. At our pace, new avenues for growth are presenting themselves every day. And it’s not okay for us to let them go unattended.

With the processes, technology, and people in place, we are thriving to take the plunge. Now, it’s only a matter of time when we will cross over the mark to pick up the title of being a unicorn.

For any right candidate, the scope to grow with us is stupendous. Whether operations, technology, business, or marketing, we have cleared the path to take off. The only question now we have for you is, are you ready to join us?

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