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Your entrepreneurial journey should be dotted with new ventures that you are passionate about. We help you with that. Therefore, when you sell your Amazon brand to us, we make sure that the brand thrives under our wings. You, on the other hand, can start working on your next big idea. After all, an exit from a phase is just an entry to the next one. Isn’t it?

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05 Technology Solutions

06 Amazon FBA Experience

Our Checklist for Acquisitions

Legacy Brand from Pre-Internet Era

We look into brands that have made a mark in the physical space. We help them relive their journey, online.

Brand sells on Amazon or Shopify

We mainly focus on brands that sell on Amazon or Shopify. We are gradually opening up for brands that sell on multiple marketplaces.

Long-lasting product category

We look into product categories that aim to stay in the market for a longer period of time. We are not into fads or gigs.

Brands with A-grade 'Winning' products

We are interested in businesses that have long-term growth plans and looking for a partner to scale up.

Brand Success Formula

Your brand is set to scale up fast, that’s where we step in. We understand the uniqueness of your brand. Hence, we study it individually. However, to bolster its growth we take the advantage of our centralized operation that works at a high velocity. It helps your brand maintain the image it’s founded on and amplify at an unprecedented rate, keeping the customer at its heart.

Why Choose Ergode?

Sensibly Responsive

At Ergode we make a promise bound by a timeline. Once you submit your details to us, we get back to you within 24 hours.

Founded on Experience

From 2007 till date, Ergode is still a seller on multiple marketplaces. We are aware of your challenges. As a result, it’s natural for us to know which process needs optimization in scaling up a brand.

Proven Successful

Ergode has been helping 100s of brands transition for years. We know the process and its possible hurdles. Hence, we are equipped to straighten them much before they arise to execute a seamless handover.

Keeps a Tie

Ergode doesn’t sever the connection if you, a brand owner, don’t want to. If you wish to be part of the growth journey, we leave the tie and structure an arrangement where the owner continues to benefit as the brand scales up.

Brand Acquisition and Growth

Let’s Meet Up

Nothing beats partnering with founder-led brands. If you want your brand to retain its relationships with its customers and thrive, it’s time we meet up. Our expert brand buyers will guide you through the process, making the ownership transition as seamless as possible.