How To Create A Product Title For Walmart?

Selling on Walmart generally results in assured sales. It’s no wonder that every seller desires to be a part of this platform. These sellers understand the potential Walmart holds and are ready to begin the journey with the giant.

 Surprisingly, this e-commerce marketplace is a bit serious about its sellers. Walmart takes the utmost care of its sellers and their product listings. It relies on content-rich product titles and details to attract customers.

All the time, Walmart remains reserved on the listings because many sellers prefer simply syndicating the product content. Although copying product content is as simple as a walk in the park, this act may hamper the product listings on Walmart as it leads to breaching Walmart’s guidelines.

Every product that sells on Walmart is different, hence the product title (plus the overall content) also works differently. Copy pasting product content may probably help in successfully getting products live on, but that won’t make the cut as per Walmart standards – the products will get buried under the pile of millions that attract the buyers’ eyeballs. As the giant has already specified the guidelines that a seller needs to take care of, it becomes imperative that sellers follow the guidelines to create an algorithm-friendly product title. When a seller optimizes the content according to the guidelines, the CTR increases along with the product ranking. What’s more, even Google’s search algorithm starts favoring the product when a user searches through Google shopping.

Creating a Winning Product Title

Earlier, sellers weren’t aware and concerned about the much-talked-about importance of product titles until marketplaces started being intelligent. Profitable marketplaces like Walmart aren’t shy about providing convenience to their customers, which ultimately drives sales. So, they openly favor the products that are relevant according to the search. That’s why they prefer to show the item that adheres to its specifications and guidelines. Those who stick with Walmart’s guidebook, get a higher chance of hitting sales numbers compared to others. This guidebook involves taking care of keywords, details, and formatting a title which helps a product perform to its fullest potential. Scroll thoroughly for information and buckle up to prepare one.

Keywords and Brand Details:

Walmart strictly focuses on product titles that are crisp, brief, and describe the brand. The simple motto is that the title should be capable of narrating the entire product story. 

Image Credit : Walmart

In the above image, the product needs no more explanation. Every feature of the product is outlined in the title. Look closely at the product title, and observe that a seller has very cleverly stated the brand name, product, attributes, colors, and size in very few words.

Pin this formula: Brand + Item name + Model name (if required) + Color + Size + Quantity. 

The leading sellers of Walmart use keywords that are highly searched all over the internet. Such keywords are ranked and optimized heavily in their respective product category. This step turns out to be productive when a brand is already doing SEO.

Characters and Length :

A seller should consider this as the next step after choosing keywords. Once a product is placed in its category by keywords, a seller should focus on increasing search results. Through this step, Walmart emphasizes the importance of limiting the words and polishing them.

Writing in limit is as crucial as mentioning the brand details and focusing on keywords. During the product listing journey, character and length specifications are the factors that impact the search results. They  have a direct relation with Walmart’s algorithm. Consider these pointers as the guidebook for increasing CTR and getting SEO results.

  1. Titles should be no more than 50-75 characters long 
  2. Each word should begin with a capital letter
  3. Be sure to include the product’s color and quantity
  4. Don’t repeat any words more than once
  5. Include specifications first in the product title. Understand the comparison :
    1. Type 1 : Apple 10.2 inch iPad (2021) Wi-fi
    2. Type 2 : Apple Wi-Fi Latest Model 2021 10.2 inch
    3. In this case, Type 1 is absolutely correct as a user clicks the product as per the specifications. These  specifications are usually the point of selling which attracts the buyer. In this case, the size of the iPad is the reason for the click
  6. Since other sellers of the same category might be using the same format, come up with innovative and unique formatting
  7. Make sure that each word is grammatically correct, so ranking becomes easy and hindrance-free for the algorithm
  8. Do not include special characters such as , 1/2, @, >,*, emoji or shapes
  9. Avoid using bullets or hashtags in the title


Every seller should read and follow this essential portion of the blog. Sellers who ignore or disobey these rules may never reach full listing status for their product. Walmart would disapprove of the product until that point. One can decrease the chances of being in violation by following these guidelines:

  1. Avoid using market phrases such as “best selling or premium product”
  2. Do not mention other marketplaces or statements such as “sold on Amazon, or best selling product on Shopify”
  3. Avoid using promotional vocabulary such as “the superior quality” or “offer ending today”
  4. It is not advisable to use the price in the title to influence the customer in any way
  5. Remove all unnecessary keyword stuffing
  6. Don’t include any information about the brand, other than the brand name
  7. Do not use offensive terminology

Take Note

Walmart’s market platform is heating up rapidly. As more and more entrants are coming up with their products, it is becoming imperative for the existing sellers to develop some good habits. A habit of putting out effective and optimized product titles will take sellers ahead in the game. Once this is done, Walmart will start recognizing the product listings and their potential. There’s no promotion or extra cost involved in doing so. Many sellers fail to realize that they can control their organic ranking by creating perfect product titles. A product’s possibility of reaching a particular consumer relies on its presentation and description. Coincidentally, both the presentation and description are dependent on how apt a title is.
The product listing on Walmart may not always be perfect. Rules and specifications can guide a seller in the best possible manner, but there’s no handbook that contains readymade titles. That’s why Ergode comes to the rescue. In numerous e-commerce platforms, we have not only listed the products but also elevated many of them through different strategies so that they gain sales. Want to know how? Click here.

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